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    Servo Hydraulic

    Wise brings its customers high performance servo hydraulic testing solutions ranging from material, component, durability, fatigue and vibrations.

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    Safety Testing

    We provide world leading active safety testing and passive testing equipment.

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    Expertise Testing

    Wise supports its customers for development, design and construction of test stands for engineering strength, abrasion, functional test, environmental simulation or combined requirements.


Pro Measurement Solutions

WISE provides world’s leading measurement solution for field data and laboratory co-relations. WISE represents Michigan Scientific Corporation providing data measurement engineering products and services.

  • Slip Ring Assemblies

    Slip Ring Assemblies

    to transmit signal from strain gauges, thermocouple or other rotating sensor from rotating equipment.

  • WFT

    WFT – Wheel Force Transducers

    to measure all wheel forces and moments for 2W, PV, SUV, LCV to HCV, Farm Vehicles and heavy duty construction equipments.

  • 3D Load Cell

    3D Load Cell (Triaxial)

    to measure 3 directional forces in engine mounts, seat mounts and wide range of applications.

  • Wheel Torque Transducers

    Wheel Torque Transducers

    ideal for measuring wheel torque on passenger cars, light duty vehicles and medium duty trucks.

  • Telemetry


    Multi-channel digital system for strain gauge or thermo couple measurements for applications like brake testing, efficiency testing, fatigue analysis and powertrain testing.

  • Instrumentation Assemblies

    Instrumentation Assemblies

    complete instrumentation packages for customised applications to work in order to achieve optimal results such as wheel plate system, wheel torque and brake.


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    Rental Systems

    Complete package including rental measurement systems like WFT, WTT, 3D Load Cell, Data Acquisition and data analysis.

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    Training & Consultancy

    Training on existing, new systems and custom training programs for different technology platforms. Consultation includes lab design, test system design, test specs development, rig building and facility design.

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    Finite Element Analysis / Simulation

    Automotive component sub-system, assembly, design and development from scratch, simulation, prototype manufacturing, tested sample ready for production.


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